Here's the tech specs to help answer all of your aluminium-related questions.


We run almost exclusively in 6060 Alloy, selected for its consistent and reliable extrusion properties, good anodising and finishing.

We source our raw aluminium billet from several different suppliers, each with slightly different chemical compositions which results in different mechanical properties, depending on the specifications of the run.

Having a full understanding of your end use, any subsequent work such as anodising, bending etc, will allow us to select the right material for your application.



We can supply our material in a range of tempers, depending on the end-use requirements

Temper F:

As extruded – very soft, not commonly specified. Used occasionally where extreme bending and folding processes are required.

Temper T4:

Soft, not commonly specified.

Temper T5:

This is the most commonly specified temper from our customers.

Temper  T6:

T6 is a harder and stiffer temper and generally requested where no post-operative work or bending is required.



BBS 1474

The standard extrusion tolerances are to BBS 1474.

However, we can almost always exceed the standard tolerances depending on your design requirements.

By knowing what’s critical to you and your project, we can usually design and manufacture around your requirements, or look at developing or adapting your design slightly to achieve the required result.



We can cut to any length 1m to 6m as standard (and 6.5m as a special run).

Our standard tolerances are:

-0 +6 mm

+- 3 mm

-3+0 mm

Tighter tolerances, down to +- 0.25mm are available on request for an additional charge.

Cutting lengths shorter than 1000mm is also possible for a small additional change.

Aluminium has a co-efficient of expansion of  0.000023mm per mm length of extrusion per °C. In practice this means a  6m long extrusion will expand 2mm when the temperature changes by 15°C



The nature of the extrusion process means there is a shipping tolerance of 5-10% on order quantities.

Orders less than 250KG +-10%

Orders greater than 250KG +-5%



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