Extrusions From Mill Finish Extrusion to a Finished Product

Our unique press size enables us to manufacture smaller profiles compared to other NZ extruders. This gives us the advantage of achieving a higher level of precision, which significantly reduces initial setup costs and makes smaller orders feasible.

Our standard lead time for mill finish profiles is typically 10 days, while powder-coated or anodized finishes may require 15 days. However, feel free to reach out to us; we’ll do our best to assist you if you’re facing production constraints.

Design & Die Development

Standard Profiles

We offer a vast range of standard profiles as well as application-specific shapes that have been designed in-house by our team. These dies are readily available for immediate use at no additional die making charge.

Additionally, we customise these to your specifications and cut them to your required length. This service is suitable for orders typically over 100-200 kg.

Custom Design

We can create your solution from scratch or even from a simple sketch on the back of a napkin. If you need assistance in exploring broader contexts for your solution or require alternative options, we’re more than happy to help with that as well.

You retain full ownership of your die profile’s intellectual property. If necessary, we’re willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement with you, especially if the project is sensitive. Be assured that we won’t use your die for other clients or share its details without your explicit permission.

Stocked Items

We have a number of standard profiles held in stock, with no minimum order quantity.

Have a look at our standard profiles on our WebShop

Alexco. Quality aluminium extrusions. In house die design. Small to medium profiles. Specialised extrusions. Mill finish. Powder coating. Anodising.
Die manufacturing costs vary based on complexity and tolerances. With over 40 years of in-house expertise, there's little we haven't mastered.

Our fully CNC-controlled method ensures consistent and repeatable results within a short timeframe. This means that once your design is finalised, we can typically provide you with a sample in less than a week.

Once the sample is approved, your initial delivery can be completed in as little as 5-10 days thereafter.

Extrusion Production

Alexco. Quality aluminium extrusions and finishing. Specialised extrusions. Mill finish. Powder coating. Anodising.


We run exclusively in 6060 alloy
We select aluminum billet for its consistent extrusion properties and suitability for anodizing and finishing. Sourced from multiple suppliers, each with unique compositions, ensuring tailored mechanical properties. Understanding your needs guides us in choosing the best material for your application.
Alexco. Quality aluminium extrusions and finishing. Specialised extrusions. Mill finish. Powder coating. Anodising.

Temper & Tolerances

Standard extrusion tolerances are to BBS1474
We provide material in various tempers (F, T4, T5, T6) to meet your needs. We can exceed standard tolerances and adjust design and manufacturing processes to match your project requirements. Flexibility is key, and we’re here to ensure your desired outcome.
Alexco. Quality aluminium extrusions and finishing. Specialised extrusions. Mill finish. Powder coating. Anodising.

Cut Lengths

Cut lengths 1m to 6m as standard
Our standard cut lengths range from 1m to 6.5m. Tolerances typically fall within -0 to +6mm. For tighter tolerances, an additional charge may apply. We can accommodate lengths as small as 50mm for a nominal fee. Please note: Aluminum has a coefficient of expansion of 0.000023mm per mm length of extrusion per degree Celsius. Thus, a 6m long extrusion will expand by approximately 2mm with a 15°C temperature change.

Shipping & Order Fulfilment

Packaging and order fulfilment is managed onsite, we can ship nationally and internationally.

Shipping Tolerances

The nature of the extrusion process means there is a shipping tolerance of 5-10% on order quantities. Orders less than 250kg +/- 10%, orders greater than 250kg +/-5%.


Our standard packaging is bundled, and spiral wrapped on timber bases, with an additional paper covering. This is a cost-effective and robust level of protection for most applications and can be easily handled with forklifts and pallet trucks

On applications where surface finish is absolutely critical, we interleave with paper between extrusions to prevent them rubbing. We are also happy to work with you on customised packaging, from basic cardboard, through to fully branded retail packaging and distribution. International freight is available on request.

Alexco. Quality aluminium extrusions and finishing. Specialised extrusions. Mill finish. Powder coating. Anodising.
We're working hard to leave behind plastic packaging and moving towards paper and untreated timber